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Eco-logistics traceability & visibility solutions

Log Data Hub is a European initiative federating various private and public actors of transport and logistics. It aims to provide open, secure, interoperable, and sovereign solutions dedicated to supply-chain.

Our end-to-end solution

Log Data Hub is an evidence interchange solution that enables end-to-end tracking of logistics processes. Unlike platforms that centralize and capture user data, our infrastructure only records and certifies traces (digital fingerprint uniquely identifying a file without revealing its content + optional public metadata allowing to bring additional and non confidential information). The files can remain with their owner and be made available to other parties if they wish. With Log Data Hub, you finally benefit from extended traceability and enable the development of new innovative services for your customers.

An end-to-end solution for viewing, tracing and verifying eco-logistics flows that :

  • Leaves data with its owners and only share proofs (not the data itself)
  • Enables digital to paper transition and responsibility/ownership transfers
  • Is designed to be used by both small and large players through a universal API
  • Enables continuous tracking of goods and certification of the environmental impact of transportation
  • That has no lock-in, easy entry and exit for stakeholders

Our specific offers

Certification of the carbon impact impact of a transport

Collect, prove and make verifiable verifiable the CO2 impact of impact of the transport of a good.

Real time location of the goods

To be able to locate and follow in real time the routing of goods, especially between the port and the shipper (import and export).

Digitization and transfer of electronic documents

To accelerate / simplify the digitalized and instantaneous exchange of commercial and financial documents between actors in the chain, MLETR compliant.

Digital Equipment Interchange Report (EIR)

To allows each actor in the supply chain to confirm the loading of a container. The digital EIR, initially in paper format, facilitates its use while increasing its value, notably through the capture of photos and video evidence.

Supply chain quality & dispute management

To give the actors in the field the possibility to optimize their logistic organization and the operators to have proof of the quality of their services.

Merchandise passport

To facilitate the collection of critical information on goods like timestamped and geolocated pictures or videos.

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